Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Catching up

Sunday I had out-of-town guests, Monday I was sick, and today I'm out of excuses so it's time to catch up. I took care of Sunday and Monday this morning, one set of 11 and another of 12, and was pleasantly surprised by how physically manageable 23 burpees were. Alternatively, catch up sucks! It throws my routine out of whack and the thought of unfinished burpees nagged at me when I was cold-stricken and immobile yesterday. From here out, burpees will take place regardless of who is sleeping on my couch and what they may think when they wake up to the thump, scuff, thump of burpees in the morning.

(Papa Tomato and Baby Tomato are walking down the street. Baby Tomato is lagging behind so Papa Tomato steps on him and says "Ketch- up.")

1 comment:

  1. I love the Ketchup joke:). But I would not love to catch-up. I am sticking to this morning burpee routine: first 3-4 burpees are step backs vs. jump backs to plank position because I have only been out of bed for 45 seconds by the time I'm doing them. After 3 to 4 I feel like I have warmed up enough to control the jump back for form and also for sound as my poor downstairs neighbor may or may not be up at 6:05 am. I also went deeper on the pushup today then I had before. Its an easier part to do well and quietly than the jumping part.