Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy 25th Day of Burpees!

Milestones (even minor ones) make what once seemed daunting seem a bit more possible. 
We're a quarter of the way there! Keep up the great work everybody!


  1. A happy moment occured for me yesterday afternoon when two friends emerged from my living room, faces flushed, slightly short of breath, and with a smiling look of accomplishment accross their faces. I knew what they'd been up to!

    "Did you guys just do burpees?" I said.
    "Why yes we did," proclaimed Frankie.
    "I am hopelessly behind" I replied with dismay.
    Hedwig cheerfully encouraged us all return to the living room to knock out a(nother) set of 10.

    While I'd been feeling mildly virtuous that morning after running over 3 miles in freezing conditions, I really had started to think my burpee challenge days had come to an end.

    Six days prior, after a day full of snow shovelling, mopping, and box lugging, my back called it quits. . .and the slippery slope of burpee deferal began.

    Thanks to Hedwig, and Frankie, and one little starter set of burpees, I'm back on my feet again.

    At 34/hour, or one every 2 minutes, I can bang out all my owed burpees plus todays burpees before leaving for work. Wish me luck!

  2. I think the best quote of the day was something like "friends don't let friends burpee alone" and it held up yesterday. At no point did I see one person doing burpees solo. We're all pulling for each other, helping each other along.

    That being said, the shoulder is feeling better and I completed 50 burpees yesterday (each set of 10 with another hopeful challenger) getting my total down to 119 to make up. I'm going to shoot for around 40 every day and by day 40 I'll be caught up!

    Anyone wanna come over and burpee later?

  3. Keep going everyone! It is good to hear that people are catching up and doing well.

  4. Readung the exploits of fellow burpites has kept me motivated on these cold Vermont days. I did 26 today and it felt reallly good. My goal is to not misss a day and not have to do any make up burpees