Friday, January 16, 2009

Things that go BUMP in the morning

I've been a little under the weather this week, so I spent the day at home in sweat pants. I was not about to let my burpee habit suffer, though, so around 9 a.m. I pushed out my 16 for the day. A few minutes later, my doorbell rang. My downstairs neighbor had come to inquire as to what the noise was. "Are you jumping rope up here? Or throwing things on the floor?" "Not quite, I'm doing burpees," I responded, and then proceeded to explain to him the nature of the burpee challenge and gave him a demo. While impressed with the burpees, he didn't seem interested in joining the challenge. Nor did he particularly care for being woke in the morning by the loose floorboard that my hearing is apparently impervious to. So, I guess this means I'll be moving my burpees to the carpeted living room-ish portion of our apartment.
I'm kind of concerned about this because I've noticed that, as I burpee, I move forward. I'm guessing that a concentrated effort will cease this, but I'm having visions of burpee-ing into our stereo system or the long since dead christmas tree and creating a minor disaster. Does anyone else start burpee-ing in one location and end up in a different one? Any advice for burpees in  relatively confined space?
Also, burpees help you meet new people! Neighbor was obviously not too upset about loud burpees since we then went on a nice coffee date this afternoon. Burpees: for fitness and romance.


  1. I love this story of Romance! Anyone else having trouble when you try to make a comment? I seem to always have to submit mine twice.

  2. Oooh, talk about a meet-cute! Perhaps we could spin this into a romantic comedy. Hollywood beckons...