Friday, February 20, 2009

Burpee Burnout

It's day 51 and my body is burpeed out. I'm still in the challenge, but after slacking in San Diego and then trying to make up and keep up and lift and do cardio this week, my body refused to burpee at a decent rate yesterday (I'll be timing my 50 upon recovery) and it didn't want to burpee at all this morning. My chest is sore, my back hurts, and my hips are tight, all of which are my own fault for being a bit overzealous at the gym. Part of me thinks I should just push through so I don't fall further behind, since as of today I owe 130 burpees. But my body is clearly unhappy with me and I'm concerned that pushing it now will mean increasing the amount of recovery time I need (and now that we're in the big numbers, that means tacking on 100, 200 burpees). Is anyone else too beat to burpee? Has anyone pushed their extremely grumpy bodies forth into burpees without irreparably damaging themselves? What's the difference between a yam and a sweet potato?


  1. Rosie - I was TOTALLY spent two weeks ago. I was working out hard almost everyday and playing indoor soccer and broomball - plus trying to burpee. 2 Fridays ago I went down to burpee and never came up. True story! I did 1 that entire day. I gave my body some rest and then hopped back into it. I think even if the numbers pile up, doing them with a full tank of gas (or at least 3/4 of a tank or 1/2 a tank) is better for your body. You sound like you need a day or two off for recovery. And don't worry, I have 221 to do today (which I prob wont do) so I'll be at 273 tomorrow. Your 130 seem like a cake walk!

    And here's a great link about your yam vs. sweet potato question!

  2. I have been struggling with this same dilemma the last 4 days or so. My body is beat and doesn't want to burpee - I was pretty slow on my timed 50. However, knowing myself if I get behind it is OVER regardless of if I feel 100% or not. So I am sticking with the daily ones doing them slowly, stretching between sets and getting them all done first thing in the am. I am focusing on a good pushup and good jump, but they are not quick or dynamic. It also seems that every day I am able to do a few more easily so I am hoping the building up is paying off even if it's in slow motion

  3. I've noticed that my joints are unhappy since I did all those catch up burpees. For a day I couldn't straighten my arms all the way, although a hot bath and some light massaging helped a lot. Still a little tenderness in the elbows, hard to know if that's burpee, push jerk, or snatch related.

    Going snowboarding this weekend. Am undecided how I'm going to handle my burpee madness... Sets of 25, sets, of 50, or just let them build up so I can get some real rest in a come back stronger.

    Would very much like to get a set of 50 done in sub 2.

  4. Frankie, I'll join you this week (starting Monday) for some in class burpee action!

  5. Well, I am doing my burpees in sets of 10 with a couple of minutes of rest in between and don't feel too bad. I also am doing my other workouts - crossfit type stuff along with Muay Thai and running. I am doing a half marathon tomorrow, so after that will be the real test.