Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A burpee, by any other name...

When I explained to my roommate that I was doing the burpee challenge, her response was "What's a burpee? It sounds gross." Since then, I've had the same reaction from two others. It really isn't the most pleasant sounding word, which made me wonder if there were any nicer names for it. At the gym, after demonstrating a burpee for my lifting buddy, his response was, "Oh, you mean a squat thrust with a jump." Then, the other day, I was speaking with my mom on the phone and she asked, "So are you still doing your burples?" Rachel noted in an earlier post that her friend refers to them as "Thunk, thunk, pant pant pant, thunk." While none of these have the same ring as "burpee," which I've finally come to appreciate and accept as the true name for the exercise, I'm interested in how many alternate names a burpee could have.
Even on this blog there is a differentiation in spelling, burpee vs burpie, and I've seen it spelled burpy in other places. Has anyone heard, or come up with, any new names for our loved (or loathed) pasttime?


  1. According to our facebook group, someone is doing "furbees" and another is doing "blimpies."

  2. At the gym I workout at they are called sprawls, at least the part up to the pushup.

  3. One of my classmates who did them with me said "You may be doing a burpee but I think what I'm doing is more like a slurpee!"