Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 77 - Burpee Benefits

Though this was discussed somewhat by Rachel in the Day 76 comments, I think this topic warrants its own post.

I do my burpees in sets of ten to twenty throughout the day, rather than trying to bang out the entire total in one sitting. While I'd definitely see more cardiovascular improvement if I did them all at once, I'm still getting serious benefits. The muscles in my arms, abs, and shoulders are more defined. My pull ups are improving drastically. I'm able to bench press more weight than I was when I first started, even though I trained in the gym regularly before the challenge. Also, at rugby practice yesterday we did a drill where we sprinted to the edge of the field, hit the deck, and got back up and sprinted back. The sprinting part still wasn't so fun, but I'm getting off the ground much faster and with (seemingly) less effort than I have in past seasons.

So ultimately, though the burpee challenge may be labor-intensive and neurosis-inducing, it produces results. How is everyone else feeling? Any noticeable/interesting/unexpected burpee benefits (or detriments)?


  1. Hi,

    keep it up!

    I am also in day 77. But it is only one part of my daily workout (Mo, We, Fr - weightlifting, Tu,Th,Sa additional burpess and HIIT cycling). So I make 3x weekly 200 burpees and on Mo, We, Fr burpees chall. rounded up (now 80).

  2. I do my burpees in sets of 10-20 as well, spaced throughout the day. I've definitely noticed increased tone in my abs, shoulders, back, and arms, and my pushup & pullup numbers are much improved. I'm excited to try the crossfit workout "Murph"* again when we're done the challenge, as those were my weak spots last time.

    On a side note, is anyone else hungry ALL the time?!


  3. I'm hungry all the time. But I'm always hungry all the time:). Growing girl, here!

    ....Are you gonna eat that?