Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 81

Day 81. 9:23 pm. And I still have 75 burpees to do.
I'm tired. I'm full. My abs are still sore from Friday. 
Around this time yesterday, I was down 60 burpees. And I was tired. And sore.
And I burpeed. 
If I did it yesterday, I can do it today. 
I can do it for 19 more days.


  1. It's going to be pretty hard these next 19 days. All hands on deck for support!! Yesterday I played rugby. While I was able to muster strength to do them for warm-up (and 20 post game) - today totally hurts.

  2. That's about the thought process that gets me through every day. I'm nervous for this weekend's rugby tournament.

    On the upside, I am now under 600 burpees in the bank! Down to 595 from a high of 1045. I hope to reach the halfway point today.

    Si, se puede!

  3. home stretch! its going to be tough but we've all made it this far. i'm a lot in the hole after my shoulder started acting up and then a bad cold. i'm now planning my day and workout around them to get out of the hole and finish on time!

    lets keep each other going!

  4. Hey fellow burpee-ers! As we get into the home stretch, I have a couple questions:

    1) What's the greatest number of burpees you've done in a single day?

    2) What's the greatest number of burpees you've done without stopping?

    3) Do you find doing them in sneakers versus barefoot is either harder or easier? I find doing them in sneakers is harder! Don't know why ...

  5. 1) According to my catch-up log, 133. This seems low when I consider how sore I am, but I'm doing 120-130 every day at this point...

    2) Couldn't tell you. Maybe 20?

    3) I like socks on hardwood/tile. At first it seemed dangerous, but now I really like sliding back!

  6. 1) I only had to catch up one day so 90 is the biggest day. Though I am carrying 50 over from today because I have a hurt neck. So tomorrow might be my biggest day!

    2) 60. I timed myself without stopping on day 60.

    3) I almost always do them barefoot and almost always on carpet!

  7. Great questions Kelly, I'm interested too.
    1) Over 200, I don't remember the exact amount but I was down 400+ when I returned from a trip to San Diego, and I caught up in 2 days. Since I've had to catch up every week, I know I can do about 140 per day with little soreness for 4-5 days in a row.

    2) Only 23. I really wanted to go as long as I could without resting, but 23 was really difficult. I think I go too fast as someone timed me on this, and it took less than a minute. I am amazed that Rachel can do that many in a row (difference btw sprinter and endurance runner?)

    3) Much prefer socks on wood to any other way. I think it is less taxing on legs and also great for building abdominal stability. And more fun:)

  8. 1. I once did 177 in a day, after which I swore off catch up burpees.

    2. I think the most I've done in a set is 20. After that my form really suffers.

    3. I prefer sneakers all the way. I do them barefoot on carpet in the morning and I find it difficult when I'm jumping my feet back forward after the pushup. Sneaker tread gives me some grip so I don't slip and face plant.

  9. 1. 142 is my new one day record, but its going to go up each day as i'm still in the hole.

    2. 40. very slow.

    3. i love socks on hardwood floors but wearing sneakers seems to keep me motivated to do more!