Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 86 - Frustrated

Somehow, between work, rugby practice, basketball playoffs, and god knows what else, I managed to do only 35 burpees yesterday. When I woke up this morning, it was to sun, birds chirping, and 136 burpees that cast a cloud over the spring weather.
While I did 26 this morning, I have no idea where I'm going to fit the rest in, as today is fairly unconducive to burpees. My office is busy, I'm wearing a shirt that isn't burpee friendly, I'm forgoing the gym, where I do most of my burpees, to see a friend after work. Tomorrow our team has a big rugby tournament, so it's going to be a struggle just to do Saturday's burpees between games and then Sunday's burpees with extreme muscle soreness. If I don't catch up today and then for some reason have to roll over Saturday and Sunday, that's 374 burpees by Monday! CRAP!
I'll make every attempt to have a clean burpee slate by the end of the day, but at this point I doubt that's going to happen. A severe case of burpee anxiety is overtaking me. How did I let this happen?! Dumb! Dumb, dumb, dumb....


  1. ROSIE
    The key to getting it done is doing it! I know you can, just get into action, It'll happen if you make it!

  2. I know you can do this - even if its breaking them up into super small sets today and tomorrow between games. And then Sundays can be super slow and almost yoga like to stretch out.

    Don't fret R - you've got this!!

  3. I totally understand as my neck is still quite hurt from last Sat's rugby game and I carry them over every day right now. The tournament is a challenge -- not sure how many games you have but the weekend I had a tourney I did 10 pre-game & 10-post game. On any game I didn't start I did 10 every 5 min or so to stay warm. Then I knocked the last 10 out before my ice bath. Sunday sucked - I carried over half the day....but better than too days

  4. You can do it! I've found that re-reading some of the posts on this blog have helped me bang out extra burpees at night when I'm tired and don't want to. Last night I used your day 81 post to get through my last 64.

    I agree though, tomorrow and Sunday will be a struggle. Want to try Rachel's method? There should be 4 or 5 of us buroeeites playing, so we can stick together and keep each other going!

  5. Update: I am CAUGHT UP!!! Upon reading some comments, and finding that my office had mostly cleared out, I realized that the only thing stopping me from finishing up my burpees was the idea that they were really daunting and the fact that I'm wearing an inopportune blouse. I did a test burpee and discovered that if I unbutton some of the top buttons, I can burpee without risking my shirt ripping off a la Incredible Hulk! (Fortunately, the coworkers I burpee around are coworkers that don't care about a little excess bra-showing.)
    Now, from days 1-85, I'd never been "caught" burpeeing by someone who didn't know about the challenge. Of course that had to change today. A knock came to my office door while I was burpeeing and my boss walked in on me breathless from burpees and buttoning up my shirt. Ah well, catching up is worth a little humiliation.
    Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!

  6. Yay Rosie!!!! So glad you caught up! :)