Friday, May 1, 2009

40 A Day in the month of May!

I can't believe this is happening. Dare I even say it? I MISS YOU BURPEES!! I miss the challenge, I miss the benefits and I miss having something to do at work!! I know you were abusive in the past, but I want to give it another go. Maybe we establish new ground rules this time....

Just 40 a day for the month of May! 40 measly burpees. Each day. Just to get my fix.

How do we all feel about this? Is anyone with me?

Today is May 1st. Ready? Go!


  1. I'm IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did a measly 20 burpees last night at practice and I hated them...however, this was because they were done in a mini-circut. Yay, burpees.

  2. I have to admit, I have not fully broken up with burpees. They have been making regular appearances on days I don't go to the gym. But - no more challenges for me, thanks. I'm currently still reveling in the freedom to do pushups or bench press instead without feeling guilty or pressured!

    Have fun though!

  3. I'll ask my PT for approval on Tuesday - then I am in. Now that he put my sacro-illium (sp?) joint back in place things are healing up fast

  4. ABSOLUTELY NOT. best wishes though. fatty, i think that's my problem too. ugh, good luck. i'm so jealous that you are put back together.

  5. question... why are the women doing modified pushups as part of the burpee in the video?

  6. OK, it is Dec 09,I don't see any more posts for '09. What do you suggest for 2010?