Thursday, April 9, 2009

99+1/2 just won't do!

Tomorrow is our final day together! For me this is kind of like a first date, I am nervous, excited and scared, and wish it would happen now! Can I start my burpees today? I plan to see you all tomorrow at Professor Thom's, 219 2nd Ave (between 13th & 14th), for the FINAL BURPEE (I am sure closely proceeded by a raucous chorus of Europe’s THE FINAL COUNTDOWN).
We have been through injuries and dispassion, disillusionment, aches and pains on our burpee journey, and coming upon the final day I’m in a retrospective mood.
I remember getting a congratulatory message via facebook on January 1, at 11:47, “Great job on day 1!” Only then, being reminded, I did my one burpee a bit shamefaced, and pat myself on the back.
I lost the thread while in San Diego, did 70 bupees over three days (though I did get roundly mocked for doing drunken burpees at a party with Hoop in front of my teammates). Pretty good for a normal human, but 70/3 is not good enough for the elite company I currently keep.
I’ve showed burpees to my friends, forced them upon my students, tried to explain them to my mom (Is a burpee something that happens to you when you eat too many cherries?). My roommate even commended me on my kinky personal habits from all the thumping and panting he’s heard coming from my room at all hours of the day and night (occasionally burpees related!).
This has been part challenge, part journey. I have better arms and chest, more core strength and more of a gleam in my eye. The muscles I can explain, but the gleam I can’t. It comes from knowing that I have gotten more out of myself over the past 99 days than I knew the challenge would demand, it comes from overcoming the sense of dread I feel before EVERY set of burpees I do (especially when cold!). Also, it comes going to work with all of you bloggers every day; y’all have kept me in it at various points. Thanks for being part of this with me, and I will see you all tomorrow!

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  1. love this post! :)

    I so wish we could be there with the final burpee but we'll be thinking of you from Amsterdam!