Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 91 - low returns

I have been struggling through these last few days. I have quite a bit of low back/hip pain, which seems to be better after fully warming up and stretching out. However, that means I am doing sets of 5 fairly slowly concentrating on the push-up and jump at the end. I can't jump my feet all the way up to my hands from plank right now because of the stiffness.

It makes wonder at what point I am not getting any benefit from doing burpees. Over time I've been trying to make sure that each set is quick and dynamic to get the full benefit -- but now with so few days left and so many each day there is a lot at stake missing a day....

I also sometimes wonder that for those of you making up 100s. Does your body truly get any benefit from not building up daily?

At what point is it just to do the challenge? as opposed to fitness benefit?

right now for me I am just trying to finish and then heal...but I am beginning to wonder if the toll these high numbers are having on my body are worth it


  1. Rachel - hang in there! you can do it! Be slow and be careful, but I believe you can do it!

    Of course we do this for the challenge part, but I think there is a real physical benefit. (I showed off my biceps and triceps to Hedwig today). though I am not in the hole right now I have often been in the catching up position and it just means that burpees are on my mind for more of the day than usual.

    At this point, I cant imagine not finishing, no matter how slow I have to take my burpees...

    Anyways, one could wonder the same question about rugby, n'est ce-pas? :)

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  3. Ok, bit by bit:

    As someone who made up 225 on Monday, I think my body benefits from doing burpees regardless of how they're broken up. I think that doing them at a gradual increase day by day helps your body strength increase gradually. The occasional scorch-the-earth burpee make up day tests that strength in an intense way.

    I think that staying in the challenge is for fitness benefits and the sake of completion. I wouldnt have started if I didn't think it would help my fitness, but we could really do anything for fitness. The reason I stay in, which I've blogged about before, is that it is a challenge and quitting before day 100 would mean not completing it.

    If your body is really suffering, but you still want to complete the challenge, maybe you should consider modifying your burpees to relieve back strain. The challenge is for fun and fitness, not irreparable damage. Fun and fitness= worth it, irreparable damage = not worth it.

    ...Now come out and tell me this was an April Fool's post and your body has never felt better :).