Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 98 - post break up

Dear Burpees,

As much as I hate to admit this I have been thinking about you constantly the last five days. I knew it would be hard to end things cleanly, but I did not anticipate the emptiness that your absence would create. Every day I try to go about my daily routine without you and it doesn't feel right. I mean for 92 days you were a huge part of my life - that just doesn't go away.

Little things remind me of you. People still ask about you constantly - and I have to awkwardly explain our break-up. Today I thought about getting back together, but it is just too painful right now. I wish it could be different. Maybe with some more time we can work things out. Until then I am going to take care of myself as it will be a slow healing process.



  1. I'm sorry for your loss!

    And ALSO a little jealous! RACHEL HEEEELP MEEEE i just can't seem to get my burpees done today :(

  2. Rachel, I'm so sorry. I too am about to encounter a break up. I've been emotionally and physically abused for 99 days and can't take it anymore. Tomorrow's the day I cut all ties.

    I'm sure I will also feel the emptiness inside, but know that it is for the best.

    And Joke - YOU CAN DO IT. You are so strong and so close. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  3. I'm sorry too...the awkward post-breakup explanation is the worst. Take good care of yourself!

    Burpees and I were on-and-off for a while. Getting back together was awesome at first--we spent lots of quality time together as I tried to make up for the two weeks we were apart. Ultimately though, I think the intensity with which we tried to recreate the early days of our relationship was what drove us apart for good. Maybe one day we can be friends...but for now, as you said, it's all about taking care of myself.

    Although someone new recently caught my interest--Foam Roller. We're taking things slowly because it's still painful, but this could be the start of something beautiful...

    ps. GO JOKE GO!