Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 100: Congrats from the person who kicked this challenge off but was herself not able to finish!

Dear Burpee-ites,

I never actually wrote in to say that I broke up with with the Burpee Challenge. My wrist couldn't stand the Burpees anymore and they had to be thrown out. It was... gosh, all the way back on Day 50. I fell really hard on my wrist during a basketball game. I thought I'd just take a break for a while and the Burpees and I could work out our differences (of backlogged burpees) when I felt fresh again. Turns out my wrist could no longer stand to coexist with Burpees, or at least the wrist wouldn't really tolerate more than 10 a day. Whatever. Day 100 is not about my sob story. Its to say Thanks & Congrats

1. Thanks for being the kinds of friends who would join a challenge with a friend even though they thought it was nuts.
2. Thanks for proving that communities are hugely important to our individual endeavors and supportive communities are once that carry us farther than we ever thought we could on our own.
3. Thanks to the strangers (strangers no more!) who joined and proved that technology today is enormously capable of bringing people together.
4. Thanks to all for always remaining supportive and never judgmental.
5. Thanks for those who wrote posts and comments. It helped!

1. To the few, the proud who gutted it out. You have inspired me beyond words.
2. To those who tried but were deterred by injury. Especially you day 90 plussers. My heart goes out to you. You deserved to finish this challenge.
3. To those who did Burpees Every. Single. Day.
4. To those who actually made up all the Burpees when a day (or days) was skipped.
5. To all the fans and supporters. You made the world a better place by inspiring others to do difficult things.


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