Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 96--Burpee Fame!

Fellow Burpee-ites (and friends, and fans),

As I perused my google reader tonight before bed, a Cranky Fitness post caught my eye. I won't lie, it was partly because of the big photo of the Slanket (evil cousin of the beloved Snuggie). But imagine my surprise to learn that our challenge was featured in the post!

Check it out!

Apparently I'm an internet temptress. My parents will be so proud...


  1. Your powers of temptation were strong, but my Crankyness and Laziness proved more mighty! So I will pass on the 100 burpee challenge.

    However, I am SO impressed by all you folks and your barfees. Er, I mean burpees.

  2. That post totally cracked me up - and I think I've found the fitness blog I really belong on! ;)