Friday, April 10, 2009

DAY 100!

At long last--it's Day 100!

Congratulations to all burpeers! Do you have a permit for those guns?

(shamelessly stolen from alonzoh on flickr)


  1. Anuj and I finished ours!!!


    Think of us tonight while at the end-of-challenge party because we will certainly be thinking of you! :)

    To commemorate our last burpees, we filmed our last ten: (I am not a poster on this blog, so I will link it here...)

  2. Congratulations Joke and Anuj. I loved the video, you guys look great. Although I'm pretty sure when I'm done my last one, I'll be jumping around in joy. I only have 69 left now. I've managed to do 228 with a terribly bad back, and now I'm sure I'm going to make it. Congrats to everyone, including my brother Greg who is also going to make it. I guess Armenian Jews are well suited for burpees. Who knew?

  3. Joke and Anuj - CONGRATS!!!!

    I just sat here and watched your video and clapped and cheered as you approached number FIVE THOUSAND FIFTY! I will be getting there later today and cannot wait.

    And Joke - nice guns!!

    200 more for me on this last day. I know you'll wait - so I'll go do a set of 10.