Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 60--The best laid plans...

Last week, while brainstorming ideas for what to give up during Lent, I came up with the idea of giving up banking burpees. No more would I add to that large number I owe to the burpee gods! I was very excited about this plan, as my burpee bank was in the red by 451 at that point.

I hoped to use this plan to not only complete my daily burpees, but to begin to repay my burpee debts, and this weekend seemed the perfect starting point, as a few other burpee challengers and I were at a rugby coaching clinic. Our early attempts to surreptitiously complete sets of 10-15 burpees after practical gym sessions and to warm up for tackling drills became more noticeable after we explained the burpee challenge to a few other coaches; people began cheering for us to perform sets of 10 at the post-clinic social on Saturday night, and even began rating our form!

It was a great weekend for burpeeing--we even convinced two other coaches to start their own challenge as of today, March 1st--until the last practical coaching session today. During a fun game of Jackpot, I jumped up to catch the ball and landed funny on my ankle, spraining my left foot. I was disappointed, not only because I missed the rest of the session, but because I'd only completed 30 of today's 60 burpees! Only 5 days into Lent and I've missed my goal already. It looks like ice, advil, and more banked burpees are in my future. I need to pick a new challenge for Lent?


  1. yeah my question is at what point do you call it quit when you are banking burpees? I haven't had to bank any knock on wood, but am playing rugby next weekend....

    word on the street is lots of people have hundreds of banked burpees

  2. I'm planning on making them up, and I know there are a few of us with debts in the hundreds who are trying to push each other. Hopefully we can dig ourselves out of these holes! My biggest goal is to get it done ASAP--I definitely don't want to still be burpeeing after day 100!

  3. Hoopie, I'm sorry to hear about your ankle. That is so frustrating. Fast-healing, I hope. If anyone can make it back, you can.

  4. Oh no! Well, like you said, you have lots of comrades in burpee debt so I'm sure you'll be able to motivate upon healing. Get well soon!