Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 78 video inspiration

Joke got inspired by my video post the other day and did her own. She has been doing the challenge since Day 1 (Jan 1) from Amsterdam with her husband Anuj and friend Tom. As far as I can tell from her comments none of them have gotten too far behind!

This was both of our first time EVER posting a video to youtube. If you are inspired to do your own set of 10 send me the link at


  1. Well done Joke! I love the song choice. You just inspired me to do another 15 before I could post this :)

    Burpee song of the day in my house: Here It Goes Again--OK Go (the one with the treadmills).

  2. Nice video, Joke!! I will definitely be adding that song to my workout routine!!

  3. Thanks guys! It's Maneater from Nelly Furtado!

  4. I like the song and the way that you were LEAPING
    too. Good leaping abilities. :-)

  5. ah you made me so nervous burpeeing in your socks on hardwood floors. i would land flat on my face! nice job on not doing that! =)

  6. i just started the burpee today
    i did the 10 decreasing sets , and it wasnt too hard.

    i wasnt doing the jumps though, i think that would be a lot harder so im going to do that tomorrow

    i have been reading through your journey and you have changed heaps, im so inspired!

    good luck, thanks :)