Friday, March 27, 2009

Frustration of a Different sort...

So...some of you might want to smack me after this post - but I just want to share some frustrations from the other side...
I am SO DAMN FRUSTRATED that i can't be SUFFERING with all of you still in this challenge! I know that sounds crazy, but it is really how I feel. I know burpees stink. I know they are hard. I know they are killing your arms, legs, backs, it and I bet someone in this challenge is having difficulty with it. I know they are time consuming, and I know that they are creating anxiety for a lot of you. And so you would think, that any normal person, knowing all the difficulty that everyone is having with them, might be a bit happy to not have to do burpees. Might be a bit happy to be let off the hook and have a "free excuse" to walk away.

But not me.
I want to be a part of the challenge. I want to feel the pain. I want to have the chance to prove that I can do it.

And I am in no way writing this as a "poor Hobs" post or a "feel bad for me" thing. I am not looking for sympathy, I am simply venting my own frustrations.
I know several people have been forced to quit this challenge due to injury and I can't speak for all of them here, but from my perspective it is extremely maddening to not be able to continue. To not have the chance to prove whether or not I could complete the challenge. The competitor in myself is ticked! If I had gotten injured from the burpees then I just might be able to let it go and say to myself that my body couldn't handle the challenge and the burpees won. Maybe that would have worked... :) However, getting injured through a different means has only added to my frustration as I feel like I will never know if I would have made it. I would like to believe I could tough it out...but I really would have liked the chance to prove it.
And sure - when I am better I could start over again, or I could even start from day 55, where I left off. But I won't be doing it with all of you. I am a team player. And there has been post after post after post stating how meaningful and important the group dynamic has been in all of this. I signed up to be challenged with everyone...I really am not sure I would be tough enough to do it alone.
I guess along with me venting my frustration I am also writing to admit that I am out. I am done. I will not be able to finish the challenge with the rest of you. And I am damn pissed about it.
I do wish you all luck, and I will be cheering with you all along the way. :)
Beat the damn burpees.


  1. oh man, that stinks to not have you with us PHYSICALLY, what a bummer! But I think you are STILL being a team player by being with us mentally!

  2. heal up, hobs! i can imagine how frustrating this is for you, maybe we can start a new challenge once you heal up! if not burpees, maybe pullups or planks or something :)