Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 61: The Plan

So, I am one of those unfortunates with 100's of banked burpees. This weekend, as I saw them keep piling up, I had to make a plan. I REALLY want to make it to the end of this challenge. My wrist is actually injured and I am trying to rest it to complete healing before I strain it with burpees.
So, yesterday, I did some calculations. If I rest my wrist for 5 more days I will be down... 807 burpees. That seems like an astronomical number. Rather than have an entire day where I try to make up tons and tons of them and have my arms and legs turn into jello puddin' I thought, what if I spread them out over the remaining days? So, I rejoin on day 65. I have 35 days left of the challenge to complete all my burpees. I have 807 to make up. 807 divided by 35 is 23. 23 additional burpees every day. So, on day 65, I hope to come in with 88 burpees, which will be plenty challenging but then I just have to bump it up to 89, 90 and so on.
THAT is the plan. I hope my wrist is up to it. It will be a huge accomplishment if I do it so please help keep me in it. For those of you who have never missed a day, I confess, you are my true idols.


  1. You can do it, but don't hurt yourself. You can always try it again if your wrist isn't up to it. I would say that legit injuries are not so bad a reason to stop.

  2. You can do it! I think that more than ever, the "we'll wait" support comes into play with catch-up. There's nothing like a little positive peer pressure to get us out of these holes!

    Ps. Is anyone up for doing a burpee in the snow today? What a cool photo that would be!

  3. (Joke here, on Anuj's computer) Anuj is one of those guys who has never been behind on burpees! He is going such a good job. I still owe about 90 from two weeks ago, but have been keeping up since then, since i know how much it sucks to be behind.

    Hedwig - not gonna lie, the total number of banked burpees sounds tough, BUT when you break it down like you said, it actually sounds pretty good, and very do-able! So keep up the good work. If your wrist is real bad ("but my wrist hurts real bad!") well, then that is something to think about in 5 days...

  4. Also back up plans could be
    1. pick back up with just the number for the day and whatever you can manage (and decide how to deal with banked burpees later)

    2. do whatever is possible to not hurt your wrist and not finish within the 100 days.

  5. You know what I say - viva the debt! How can anyone call themselves a true American (or European at this point) without having a little debt? I mean that's what this country was built on and the ship that we plan to ride to the bloody end. Why pay the whole credit card balance, when you can just pay $20/month, financing and late fees be damned? Or even better, transfer the balance to another credit card - I heard Morgan Stanley and GS are looking for new retail customers. Or better yet, maybe you can convince the government to convert your student loans into straight equity or refinance that house you can't afford into something you can afford, for now (until your extra 26 weeks of unemployment runs out).

    In all seriousness Hedwig and Hoop, please be careful about further injuring yourself. I fear it's way too soon for you to be eligible for Medicare;).

  6. I intentionally run a deficit. There's some explaining to do here, but giving my body time to recover is well worth the additional volume.

    LB -- good news for those amassing tons of debt, 0% APR on qualified buyers!

  7. hedwig 23 is cake. and don't worry. we'll wait :)