Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 88 - Burpees, I hate you.

Today is day 88. Today sucks. I must admit that I like doing burpees on the weekend better than during the week because I have more freedom throughout the day to complete them and don't have to do them in the bathroom at my office. The way that I'm getting through day 88 is to do them in sets of 5 while watching March Madness. TV timeouts, player interviews and half times are great opportunities to crank out sets of 5 or 10.

This challenge is almost done and I CANNOT wait for it to be over. I must admit that I'm so happy that there are still other people in this challenge with me and that there are people who are no longer in the challenge who are still supporting us...

April 10th - here we come!!


  1. Now that rugby season has started, I'm so ready for burpees to be over. My body was not capable of burpeeing last night post-tournament or able to do them at a decent rate today. Looks like i'm taking 140 of debt in to tomorrow...

  2. i too want to say that the support from the ones even not in this challenge means a lot!!