Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 83: We're breaking up!!

I hate you right now. I feel like you have taken over my life and my body and my mind. You are a life-sucking alien that is out to get me. Slowly but surely. I'm losing interest in working out because of you; you leave me bruised and battered.

I made a "PROS" and "CONS" list to see if we should stay together.

1. You give me great arms
2. You give me better core strength
3. We can do it anywhere
4. You increase my heart rate and cardiovascular health
5. Rugby teaches this well, but you're teaching me a new tolerance for pain

1. You hurt my shoulders
2. I am constantly worrying about you
3. You hurt my hip flexors
4. I have given up other workouts for you
5. We've done it in places we probably shouldn't (subway floor!??!)
6. I have rescheduled my life for you
7. You are emotionally abusive
8. You are physically abusive
9. I think you are cheating on me with many other men AND women
10. You don't cook or clean or tell me I look beautiful after we've done it

As of April 10th, we're through!!


  1. 17 more days and you can kick that deadbeat to the curb!

    Personally, though, I think I may have to stay partially committed to burpees. You know, for the kids... and the arms...and the abs...

    P.S. You look hot with post-burpee glow!

  2. I think it is going to be a slow break up for me...cold turkey no burpees is going to leave me a little lost, like a piece of me is missing. BUT I HEAR YOU!

  3. Definitely going back to just friends with benefits - it's this committed relationship thing that is killing! Just waiting for the right time to have the talk...

  4. AMAZING post Frankie!! Rachel - I really don't know how you do all of this and play rugby...my body would just be too sore.

  5. i think this is my favorite post of this whole blog! totally had me laughing when lately any thoughts of burpees and what might be my complete break up with them just make me ultra sad. been meaning to blog about it but am still in denial of our split up. i do feel as if the burpees didn't even give me a fighting chance...they dumped me on my ass... so hard...so cruel...


  6. Amazing, Frankie :)

    It reminds me of Vanilla's post about intervals: http://www.half-fast.org/2009/03/you-and-intervals.html

  7. love this post! i realized another pro yesterday. after not doing a single burpee for fear it would make me sick or my head hurt worse, i realized i can thank this challenge for a significant decrease in alcohol consumption.

  8. Monsieur Luke is now following (via me) and caught up last week on Day 84 (just kidding). I've done 5 for moral support.

    Keep going!!