Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 89: Happy Thoughts on a Monday

So this morning I tried to get to work a bit early. I left early on Friday to get out of town for the weekend so I figured I'd get a mini head start to the week. Well, after waiting for the subway for an unusually long time, a crowded R train approached the station. It was pretty packed as others were waiting, and on top of that, stubborn people would not give up their precious standing space right by the door (most of us know this situation all too well - there's PLENTY of space in the middle of the car, but everyone crowds around the door).

Well I pushed through and got a decent space to stand. I thought to myself, what a great way to start the week - I'm not going to be early anymore, these subway riders are obnoxious, AND I HAVE 89 BURPEES TO DO TODAY!!

Now, I'm sure at this point you are saying "I thought you posted 'Happy Thoughts on a Monday'??" and I did. I made the decision at that moment to not worry about the minor bumps with my subway commute and relish in the positive.

So, here goes:

1. Its a beautiful day (in NY at least)
2. I'm wearing good burpee jeans so I can tackle my burpees throughout the day today
3. JLB and Jayne pushed me through my burpees yesterday and were so supportive - thanks again :)
4. I'm OBSESSED with Passion Pit (I downloaded the whole album) after Kelly posted her awesome burpee video!
5. Next Friday is not only day 100 but a day off for me!
6. I finally made good french press coffee this morning (finally!)
7. Burpee spelled backwards is Eeprub, pronounced "eeeep - rub" ha.
8. I know that I can finish this challenge (even though I'm still in the hole and making them up every day) and SO CAN YOU!!

Enjoy your Monday, folks, and keep on burpeeing!


  1. lol at burpee jeans. totally hear you on that!

    I can't believe I a at 89 burpees. WE ARE GOING TO FINISH THIS!

    This week Anuj and I are both home, making it infinitely more do-able to do ALL our burpees EVERY day.

  2. frank - love the positivity!
    and just think - after today - you only have to burpee one more monday!! you can all do it! only 11 more days! remember when we were at day 11? I think we did our burpees in drame shop that day - we've come so far! :)
    wiki wiki :)

  3. I really can't believe we are so close. I am so happy for your post. I logged on today debating to write because right now it just feels like too much. My back and hurt a ton right now - compounded by rugby and hiking. But its so close - sets of 5 are doable as long as I don't jump my feet all the way up to my hands. Get it done!

  4. Anybody up for the burpee mile?

  5. You guys are doing great and it's so inspiring!! We are cheering you here in Boston. I did 8 this morning for moral support. I can't wait for the Burpee Highlight video!!

  6. Keith Page- rugger_moose@hotmail.comMarch 30, 2009 at 5:23 PM

    This home stretch has been the toughest part of this challenge, especially days I can't get to the gym., but I've managed to get them done everyday. I am either the envy of the u19 kids I'm coaching or they think I'm a little nuts(a bit of both actually). Today, day 89 I did a set of 50, set of 25, and finished with 14. I'm especially looking forward to day 100 because that means the next day I'll be hopping on a plane for Montego Day, Jamaica for a weeks vacation. I think that's an incredible way to celebrate the conclusion of this challenge.

  7. Jami - THANK YOU for the support! Just hearing about your cheers from Boston and your support burpees keep me going!

  8. The burpee mile looks brutal! I'm compelled to try a burpee 400 though... anyone else?

  9. frankie - glad you like Passion Pit!

  10. I actually want to try a burpee 400, or even a burpee 200 at some point. How many burpees do you think it would be?

  11. If you figure you can cover about 8-10 feet per burpee (leaping forward into the push up plus the broad jump at the end), you have to figure that a mile will be at least 528 burpees, as there are 5280 feet in a mile.