Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 63

2016. That's how many burpees we've done so far, though the number may be a little lower for those who have some in the bank. (I caught up on 177 yesterday, but still owe 50 of today's 63.)
2016 is a big number.
If burpees were inches, that would be 168 feet.
If they were years, starting at 0 a.d., we'd be anticipating the next batch of the summer olympics (maybe with sevens rugby involved!)
If they were grains of sand....well... that probably wouldn't be that impressive.
If you did one of these burpees a minute, it would take you 33 hours and 36 minutes to complete them.
If they were miles, they'd get you from LA to Chicago, or from New York to Albuquerque.

Bottom line: That's a lot of burpees. 37 days (and a bunch more burpees) left.

Keep it up/make it up/heal up so you can come back!


  1. Day 63 and we're not even half way through the work. Is that motivating or demotivating for you?

  2. ugh - i hadn't thought about it that way. I guess I keep saying to myself..."if I can do them today, tomorrow is just one more than what I did today." Today's (day 64)burpees are going to be tough for me. I'm extremely sore (both muscles and bruises) from a broomball tournament we played in last aside from the day I was sick and had to do them in sets of 3 and 5 will be the toughest on my body. I cannot believe that Frank tried to do this during rugby season. I can't imagine taking on this challenge after a rugby match.

  3. Rugby is making this way harder. Tuesday night at practice we had to 26 down ups with a sprint in between. Thank goodness I had done my burpees in the morning. This weekend is a tournament with 4 games on Saturday and then depending on what happens games on Sunday. I am thinking I'll have to do them as warm up for each game, but I am already dreading Sundays and Mondays!!