Friday, February 27, 2009

Could Be Worse...I Guess

Now that I have slid from perfect, daily-bread burpee citizen to less-than-perfect, binge-and-purge, perpetually-playing-catch-up delinquent, motivation has become a serious issue.  If I dare say, almost an art.  And while you all provide me with a bottomless well of positive support - doing burpees with me at basketball, practice and even virtually over gchat, I realized a long time ago that, for me, a little negativity goes a long way.  (This became painfully obvious when I used to ask my dad to come to my soccer games and yell "you suck" and other discouragements at me from the sidelines).  Through countless teammate interventions during HS and more than a few dirty looks on the rugby pitch, I now understand that most women, and men, but especially women, respond much better to Hob's brand of encouragement than my Hobbesian (nasty, brutish and short) philosophy.  Thus, I will refrain from that type of thing on this forum.

However, fellow burpee-ites, I will not let you off that easily.  Instead I, plan to pick on your American insecurities and post photos from my time in Vietnam, and tell you how much worse things could be.  Without further ado...

Photo of my guesthouse in Ho Chi Minh City.  See that small space between the beds?  Yea?  That's where I had to do my burpees and other workouts since there aren't fancy gyms or even many parks in HCMC.  Oh and look how small that TV is and how hideous that green.  Life is really hard there, I can't believe I survived.
And look at the view out the window.  How did I even muster the courage to go outside?  I mean there used to be warplanes in that very sky!  (Mom, for the last time, the war is OVER!)
And just look at those floating houses behind the floating bodega!  Clearly, the floating grocery woman gets her exercise  from rowing, but what about the others?  Do you think they have the luxury of being able to do burpees?  I mean can you imagine all the upset stomachs and complaints from other floating villagers about the mini tidal waves? Anyway, instead of complaining, maybe you should just be thankful you have solid ground to burpee on! 


  1. When you ventured outside to burpee, did you have to walk uphill, both ways, in the snow? :)

    Seriously though, I've started embracing all available burpee venues. I'm grateful for every opportunity to knock out a set of 10 or so, especially now that we're in the big numbers. I don't want to be stuck in a bar (or houseboat) at the end of the day without burpee space and then end up behind again!

    PS. Did 147 burpees yesterday to finally get out of the hole. I hate the hole. I will make every effort not to return.

  2. Bliz, amazingly funny. If I lived on a houseboat, I'm pretty sure I'd never burpee (the constant nausea would prevent it). Since I don't however - you suck! Do your burpees!


  3. Bliz - if you ever need me to stand over you and tell you how horrible you are and how weak you are until you finsih your burpees i will def. be there for you :)
    if it will lead to positive results i'll get the negative grove on for you :)

    now drop and give me 20 burpees before you read another word woman.