Monday, February 2, 2009

Keep Checking in on Day 30

According to the comments there are over 52 people doing burpees around the world (Belgium and Shanghai) and all over the USA. Bunches of rugby players but lots of non-rugby players too! I think there are lots of people participating out there that haven't had a chance to comment yet - so if you haven't left a comment on Day 30 please do! We are proud you've made it this far and I know I feel better knowing that there are so many other people struggling through as well!

A friend described my burpees this weekend as "Thunk, thunk, pant pant pant, thunk"

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  1. This has been off of my radar for a few weeks. After receiving the "30 day" check in email recently, I decided to make a comeback. I've got quite a few burpees to make up. I guess that's part of the challenge.

    Finally post Day 1 video here: