Thursday, February 26, 2009

The word for the day: KUDOS

Hi! I have several shout-outs to give to burpee challengers!

#1 - KUDOS to anyone who has ever fallen behind in their burpees and either caught up or is still working to and has not given up! You all rock! I fell behind when I was sick and found out that catching up is TOUGH! Especially now that the burpee numbers are getting so high... But it wasn't until i was behind and had to experience the challenge of catching up that i realized how difficult it really is to be in that situation. so KUDOS to all of you that get behind and DON"T GIVE UP!

#2 - That being said, even more KUDOS to everyone in this challenge that hasn't ever fallen behind!!! THAT is awesome! I am curious - how many of you are out there? If you are one of those amazing people that hasn't missed a day since January 1st will you write in and let us know? I am impressed by you and your dedication!

#3 - KUDOS to everyone that is trying to do this without any direct support network. I could NEVER have gotten this far without the support of others...without the texts, emails or blogs.- it would not have happened. Reading Katie Mac's blog about pulling out made me realize how important it really is and how lucky I am to have it. A short story... When I was home recently my mom was all over my case about not taking my vitamins on a daily basis. She finally said "well - i just don't understand how you can manage to do all those burpees on a daily basis but yet not manage to take vitamins." I promptly told her that if there were people texting me and emailing me on a daily basis about taking my vitamins...if there was a blog where i could express my own experiences and read about others' experiences taking vitamins...if there were people saying "i'll wait" every day until i finished swallowing those vitamins - i am SURE that i would have no problem taking my vitamins on a daily basis! Saying that out loud to her really made me realize how important all of the support is! So KUDOS to those of you that have made it that far without it. I am extremely impressed by you! (btw...start looking for a new blog about taking vitamins as i'm sure my mother is home creating one right now... :) )

For those of you that don't have a direct support network and feel like you need some more feel free to give a shout out to get it. We are here! we can text...we can email...we can blog...we can get through this! i have no problem "waiting" while you finish your burpees for the day! :)

KUDOS to all...
still in it or not...
kudos to all :)


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  2. Hobs I love your positivity. I hope those vitamins are helping you rock down there in FL. We're all rooting for all of you. Are you seriously finding time to do your burpees at camp?

  3. I'm still in it doing "all of them" every day. I was chatting with fellow burpee-ites at the bar last night and honestly, I CANNOT believe that I'm still in it. Now that I've made it to day 58 I've decided that I'm in it to finish it!!! I agree that is is SOLELY because there are so many people around doing burpees and that because I see so many of your beautiful faces all the time, I am motivated to stay in it. Hobs, if you need motivation to take vitamins every day - lets text/email each other. It has been one of my 2009 goals and I've only slipped up a few days. I keep a set of vitamins at the office if I forget to take them in the morning before I go to work!! I've done 20 of my 58 already this morning and it's not even 9am!! :) Congrats to all who are still in, and to those who need to catch up - you have a support group to help you do it!!

  4. Also...KUDOS to you Hobs for being at camp!! For those on the burpee blog who don't know, Hobs is presently in Florida fighting for the right to represent the USA National Rugby team. She is at a 4 day camp/trial - so wish her luck!! Good luck Hobs, take care of our NRU U19 girls...there are four of them there!!

  5. Excellent post--you're right, it's hard to remember to take vitamins every day! I keep them in the kitchen and try to remember to take them when I'm cooking, but then there are the nights I don't make it home for dinner...I have a feeling that a vitamin-taking blog wouldn't be nearly as fun. "Ok guys, I just took my multi and my C, taking a break before I go for the fish oil."

    Keep up the good work at camp!

  6. Yay! Hobs! I haven't missed a day since I started on Jan 4 after the food poisoning left me - that was the worst. I have to say it is hard not having a network of people HERE doing them, but I still feel very connected to everyone in the challenge and it makes me feel like I am home in NYC. Also enough people at school that are not in the challenge ask me about them to keep it hard to quit (and believe me after day 46 its been hard to stay in it!).

  7. Nice one Hobs. I haven't missed a day yet - but I have to admit, at this point I think I'm only still doing them because everyone else is! So much for resistance to peer pressure... ;)

    Go take your vitamins everyone!