Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 55: Injured and racking up the make-up burpees

I hurt my wrist last week Thursday, while losing a basketball game to some 8th graders :). A wrist injury is kind of hard to work through for Burpees because you're catching yourself and bending it back all the time. Someone told me to go ahead and use dumbells for the pushup part so that I don't bend my wrists but that would actually involve me going to the gym! The beauty of burpees to me is that I could exercise outside of the gym. Still, I'm only now going to calculate the damage: I was down 29 burpees, last Thursday was day 50, Today is day 54.
29+50+51+52+53+54 - 2 (I tried to demo two burpees in two separate cases)=257. Good lord. I better get to the gym. I have to say, though, that having been in the hole before, I am confident I can get out. I am NOT giving up.


  1. You can do it! Throw in ten here or there, whenever you think about it. I owe 120 as of today so I'm down for some burpee catch up post-basketball on Thursday.

  2. i am so impressed at the keeping track and getting out of the hole. LB I think made up 400 (or so)!! I am struggling a lot these days - I am super tired, not just at burpees but at life. I've started doing 5-10 in the morning after every activity. Wake up 5 burpees, Make coffee 10 burpees, brush my teeth 5 burpees, etc...

  3. you'll totally get out of the hole! i feel like i've always been in the hole :) and i'm still going! currently, i'm in the hole 140+today's 56=196. i was in the hole about 270 at one point and i'm digging my way out.

    also, if you want some iddy-biddy 4lb dumbbells to try out, i have some!

  4. I'm in for burpee catch-up too! I'm down 451. Shoot me.

    I think I will adopt Rachel's strategy. So far my big impediments to that are the two burpee-hating schnauzers. They know I'm burpeeing even when I'm on a different floor!