Monday, February 9, 2009

Hardcore, Serious Business

Day 40.
Guys, this is flying by for me. I took this as sort of a lark, something that would add fun to my workouts, to see if I could survive etc, but now this is reaching Daft Punk proportions in my life (IE I have to put on a dedicated Daft Punk song when it is burpee time. Harder, Better, Faster STRONGER).
Now that we are in the HSB (Hardcore Serious Business) phase of the challenge, I wanted to share this thought;
Those who were going to drop out by now have. Because we are mostly athletes in this Burpee Community, I believe the harder the challenge becomes, the more motivate we are. I am super excited for the remaining 60 days! Thank you allowing me to be part of this with you all.
Lastly, are any of you still doing this continuously?


  1. I've been doing a set of 20 (which was pretty difficult for me to do before the challenge started) and then a set of leftovers. 40 continuous burpees is a little much for me right now, but maybe by day 60 it'll be a breeze. I'm down 113 right now and i'm hoping i can do 60 of those in sets of 20 with minimal rest in between. here's to hoping!

  2. Frankie brought up the burpee challenge yesterday over lunch, especially the buy in cost at 820...

    Gave it some thought and I'm in.

    Paid half the back-burpee tax yesterday and will kill a few more after Crossfit tonight.

    Frankie mentioned keeping time, logged those below. Can't wait for day 100!

    Times per set of 50:
    -two hour break-

  3. I am still doing continuously every morning. I have shocked myself in that I am doing all but the last 5 in full to the floor push-ups. I do take a few sec breather at 20 though

  4. I stopped doing continuous burpees in favour of sprinklings of 10-15, but perhaps I'll have to go back. I'm in the hole 80 as of this morning...time to go bang those out. Nice catch up work, Dan!

  5. Thanks Hoop -- hope to be all caught up before midnight tonight.

  6. I am a multi set guy - typically no more than 15 at a time so I can do them perfectly and get the most out of them. Any quantity after that and my form goes to shit.