Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 37 from California

Thanks to everyone who is still leaving a comment that they are still in the challenge on Day 30 - we have counted well over 50 people - AMAZING!!

Yesterday 36 felt like a lot. I am still doing all of my Burpees all at once in the morning as opposed to breaking them into sets throughout the day. Today I decided to count differently though. I did the first 20 (which now seem easy!) quickly. Then I paused for a few seconds and started over with my counting thinking of it as a set of 10 - which weirdly worked in tricking my mind into thinking 10 is easy. The last 7 still sucked regardless of how I counted them.

I am really excited that in the beginning I could only do 5 full pushups and now I am doing 30 full pushups!!

Someone asked me yesterday if I was just going to stop when I got to 100....right now I can't really imagine 100, but I also can't imagine not starting my day out with burpees!!

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  1. I am tinkering with the idea of going back down to 99, 98, etc. all the way down to 1 after we reach 100, and making the burpees just part of my life from here on out.