Saturday, February 7, 2009

from my inbox!!

Another fun inspirational email from a fellow-burpee challenger

i tried to quit the burpee challenge but i could not

Thanks for maintaining this blog. Last week I was hit with cold/flu type thing-my body was worn down and all my training caught up to me I think- and I basically said to myself, 'forget it, I can live with out the burpees'. On 1/26 I went to a U19 coaches meeting and although people were burpee'ing here and there. I mentioned that I stopped doing the challenge and was pleased with my decision.
No joke, Monday morning I went to the gym, ignored the burpees.
Tuesday I bucked up and assessed the damage: 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26. 141 in all.
I did a Colgan lift and started banging them out in between my sets, 66 by the end of the work out. Tuesday night I had a sports conditioning class-I was able to turn the thrusters into 10 burpees (why not, right?). Checked 90 off the list.

More catch up burpees on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday plus 27, 28, 29. So, long story short, thus far I can't even quit at quitting. It's day 30 and while I'm not caught up I'm only about a day off and still have another gym session where I hope to finish up tonight.

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