Wednesday, February 18, 2009

still in it

Hello all...I'm still in it, FOR SURE!! I've maintained doing all of mine every day (broken down into sets of 10). I was talking with another burpee participant last night and we both decided that if we fall behind, there is no way we could make them up. Surprisingly, I even maintained my burpees while spending 4 days in Las Vegas!! I've added a few places to the list of where I've done my burpees. I will try to be better at blogging as well.

Not sure if I will do the timed challenge tomorrow - I don't think I can, but I will do all fifty!!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Folks - Surprisingly enough I'm still in it and representing G2! I currently have 85 to make up, but I'm not giving up.

    JLB can attest that she (and I for that matter) never thought I'd actually make it this far!

    At this point I'm in it to win it...and by that I mean just finish!!