Friday, February 20, 2009

Not just Down…I’m Out.

A few weeks ago, I put in a request to be removed as an contributor here ….as I was no longer in the challenge. The response came back that I should blog about quitting ….because I couldn’t just leave silently out the backdoor.

To be honest, I’ve held off because I feel like that would be a total downer here – when there is and needs to be so much more motivation and positivity. I certainly don’t want to take anyone out with me….. And then there was a few brief moments where I thought I could stage a comeback…I was mistaken. 1004 is a big number…..and so… ladies and gents…. here we go…..

There are lots of specific reasons I could give you as to why I am no longer burpee-ing, non of them are good ones, I assure you. Instead I will tell you what I think one needs to complete this challenge…and it’s not time, it’s not strength, it’s not socks or a place to do burpees. Two very basic things …and you don’t necessarily need them both I guess...…but they are internal motivation and external support.

At the bottom of one of our friend’s email’s there is a tag that reads – The body will go wherever the mind takes it. In my case, my mind has taken me to work, to bed and maybe a few times to the bar. It has not taken me to burpee, nor to any other type of exercise in the past two months.

The other…the support part…well, I do not live or work with or near anyone else in the challenge… To those of you Burpee-ing alone around the world with no friends in the challenege…this seems like a very lame excuse…but then you clearly have more of #1 than I. I would do better if there was someone to burpee with…it became apparent to me this weekend, when Hedwig took me with her for 5 sets of 10. It was all #2!

So, it’s not that I can’t Burpee…it’s just that I won’t. And while it’s never easy to admit being a quitter, I wanted to let you all know that I respectfully excuse myself from the burpee table.

I applaud you for continuing and being so steadfast in your challenge. You are inspiring!


  1. And then I found out I could have removed myself....damn! Peace out guys!

  2. Say it ain't so! We'll miss you!

  3. Katie,
    This is actually a pretty good post. I have zero people with me doing the burpees. Then again I am the type of person who is sort of a loner. If I decide to do something, I just do it. No coaches, or motivating people needed. It is nice if they are around, but they are not necessary.

    You are obviously a different person than myself. There is nothing wrong with that. There are millions of people who join health clubs - the main reason as far as I can tell is that they need motivation. Why spend all that money when you can buy your own treadmill and weight set and own them for life and use them in your house or apartment? Or run or bike outside if you live in a nice climate? Some people are just wired differently.

    Don't get down on yourself, and don't give up physical fitness. Find activities you enjoy and will keep up with. If you need a herd to keep yourself motivated, join a health club, or a running club, or whatever. Wishing you the best, Dan.

  4. Interesting post, Katie. Thank you for sharing!
    While you will be missed in the challenge, it is important to prioritize what's important and necessary for yourself in the day to day. If burpees aren't on that list right now, so be it. I have a feeling this challenge will be making an eventual comeback, so perhaps the conditions will be more conducive for you next time around!

  5. Katie, Thanks for blogging about a difficult topic. You are certainly not alone and it takes a lot of factors to get through a big thing like this one... including I think,a little bit of luck: like having just the right supporter come in when you're lagging a bit, or not getting injured. love you man!