Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 34: Burpees with my MPODS

I'm in Cleveland, Ohio, working on my master's program. Its called an MPOD because its a Master's in Positive Organizational Development, a mouthful, and that's why we call it MPOD for short. People who are in the MPOD program? MPODS.
I was down 120 burpees when I got here due to an unfortunate run in with a flu virus for a couple of days. Now I'm in class from 9 to 6, every day. What better way to stay energized than do some burpees throughout the day? However, I didn't want to completely alienate my fellow students and decided to adopt the same strategy as when I embarked on this challenge: recruit support! I have sold burpees to the class as a fun (and funny) activity to do on breaks. Also, I told them that I could really use their help. If they ask me to do a burpee with them, I'll do more.
End result: I've done all my burpees for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (the 3 days I've been in class) and I've caught up on 59 more than that. Also at least 12 out of 42 MPODS have also gotten some healthy exercise. Yeah yah!!

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