Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 54

It's Day 54 and, excluding my burpees for the present day, I've hacked my owed total down to 100. Rather than doing sets of 10, which is my normal burpee routine, I've been doing sets of 11 for my owed burpees. Having 9 remaining as opposed to 10 seems just a little bit easier, and then I'm motivated to finish them up so I have a nice round (and easy to remember) number left.
Keep it up, everybody! Only 46 days left!


  1. nice work Rosie!! I am still really burnout on them these days. My hip flexors are cranky regardless of the amount of stretching I am doing. I switched my desk chair for a swiss ball and I am starting to wonder if the core workout I get all day is getting in the way of my burpees!

  2. That's a good tactic! I may have to adopt it for my own catch-up burpees. Thanks for posting!