Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Since day 12 I have been fighting some crazy shoulder pain. In an attempt to let my shoulder get better, I took some days off. Well, as you can see from the title of this post, I'm still fighting the pain. I have tried some burpees here and there to see how I feel, but the overall consensus is that they just aren't a good idea.

I've been told by other challengers to modify my burpees to keep up. That to me is defeat. I value that everyone can burpee based on their limitations - whether that be push ups on your knees (regardless of gender), push ups with one arm against a wall, etc. The list of modifications is endless. However, I started this challenge with regular burpees and that's how I'm going to finish it. I was side challenged to keep up - to not lose track or throw in the towel when the number gets too high. I'm hoping that with some additional rest I will be back in the swing of things by next week. With each day that goes by, that will put me up to well over 260 burpees to make up - but I will do them, I will catch up.

I'm going to keep track of my count, and when I'm back in the game I may need to solicit your help to get 'em done.

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  1. Frankie- you, and anyone else that falls behind can totally make them up! Remember that if you spread out the burpees you have to make up over all of the days you have left they don't add up to all that many. I did a little math for you...if you don't start until day thirty you'll have 378 burpees to make up...but spread it out and its only a little over 5 extra burpees a day! If you are still out and can't start till day 40 it jumps up to 12 extra burpees a day - but still maneagable! So - for all of the injured people...take the time you need to heal and get your body in a good spot...and realize that making up the burpees is doable! PLUS - is much smarter to get better now and miss these beginning days then to be injured come day 80, 81 and 82!! :)