Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mass Burpees with help from the family

In the beginning of the challenge I had done some Burpees in Western Masschusetts. It'd been a couple of weeks and I realized there is more of the state of Mass to cover, so I returned this past weekend to the South Shore of Mass to do some more. Home to the Pilgrims, I went to Plymouth, Ma to Burpee. There were some perks - My mother, deciding to come with, makes a mean onion, feta and spinach omelet - and the shower up there has a Rubber Ducky Fireman on the shower faucet!! These two things are enough to make the trip.

The Burpee Show was about to begin - fun for the whole family. My two year old nephew conducted the warm-up ceremony. It consisted of him bouncing on an ten ft squared indoor bouncy castle. After the Castle was removed - it was show time. I began by showing my dad what a burpee was, and then rather than stop I just jumped into doing the 17..... After a handful, I asked if anyone was counting, as I wasn't...whoops! And my mother began to help me along with...eight...nine. Now this was the funny part - My nephew, Christian, knows numbers, usually not in order... So, upon hearing my mother counting and seeing the spectacle before him, he began to help. The number he chose was two. Which he repeated all through 15, 16, and 17....which made it really hard to finish while laughing at how cute he is.

What this taught me was that I may be embarrassed to Burpee at work in front of my co-workers but I'm not embarrassed in front of my family...and everyone should Burpee with small children around!!!

Anyone up for a sidebar list of all the places we've Burpeed?


  1. I totally want a sidebar with places we've burpeed! Rachel? Can you make it happen? I have: subway car (as do two other participants) as most exotic place I've burpeed. I think that's been logged back on Day 3 or 4, not sure anymore.

  2. i think a sidebar is a great idea. i think Buss's Presidential Inauguration (assuming she got them done there today) will top the list of neat places!

    and subway burpees were fun on day 3!

  3. Look at you....you did a Burpee.....in a bar!

  4. Don't forget the broomball rink burpees!