Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 4 - Basketball Burpees

Hoop, KT Mac, Hobs, Slitty, Me

So, here are 2 photos of my 2nd fun place to burpee - with friends while taking a basketball break at a park in Brooklyn. We weren't actually trying to show the differnt phases of the burpee, it just happened that way! And who knew Sarah Litt had such ups!!


  1. ok the reference to wikipedia got me interested. I was particularly interested in the reference to prisons and ( separately) whoopee burpees.

    got my five in early today.

  2. I would love to let the world continue to believe that I have ups... But if you look really my feet are only just above Hob's ankles! So really my incredible jumping ability is just an optical illusion. I'm going with it tho, let's keep doing burpees on the bball court!