Friday, January 23, 2009

Dirty, Filthy Cheat

Unsurprisingly, burpies have started to creep and scratch their way into my life. For example, when I have been pressed for a work out in the past few days, I have done a series of body circuits (think core work, wall sits, jumping jacks etc) that have included 50+ burpies IN ADDITION to the burpies I am doing for the challenge.
So here is the philosophical/ ethical question; Can I count these 150+ burpies towards my challenge total (and take a few days off? The idea of Catching Up indicates you can bank burpies as well) Or would this break the spirit of the challenge? Also, what if I really just need an off day?
ARGH Psychic Dissonance! Help!


  1. In the rules that I use it says you can count those Burpees toward your total. I don't see any problem with it.

    Rule 5:

  2. I read that rule that if you happen to be doing burpees as part of some other work out, you can count them for that day - but the idea of banking doesn't hold...Frank wrote about this I think in one of the earlier posts...personally I feel it depends on how you are taking the challenge. If you want to complete 5,050 burpees in 100 days - so be it - how you do those should essentially be left to you...
    if you want to do more more everyday...then maybe those of us who are playing catch up...are missing the point...
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