Monday, January 26, 2009

Better late than never...

Below are pictures of the burpees that JLW and I did as we toured the eastern seaboard last weekend...

New Haven, CT

Waltham, MA - we recruited one of JLW's friends to join in on a burpee - she did *one* and promptly said, "thanks, but no thanks" to the rest of the challenge...though her living room was a perfect place for me to do mine!

Silver Spring, MD - "Babysitting Burpees" - note to all- burpees are extremely entertaining to 11mo olds!!

Washington, DC - Obama Burpees!! Note two women in the above picture, one is laughing at me - the other doesn't see me as I'm about to get trampled - I could only manage to get two in before the crowd took over...additionally I was ABSOLUTELY freezing and the ground was GROSS as so many people had been standing on it for hours.

I was not able to get them done in NJ or Delaware - the bus ride home was 6.5hrs (2.5hrs from DC to Baltimore) and I couldn't muster the strength through my frustration with traffic...I did complete those days' burpees at Broomball with my fellow Janitors!!

I also want to note that when Hedwig recruited me, I committed to having a goal of making it to day 30 of the challenge - as we are now at day 26 and I'm feeling great, I've adjusted my goal new goal is day 60. I'm happy to have not missed a day thus far and know myself well enough to know that if I end up "playing catch up", it could go downhill quickly. Call it self awareness, but hearing about the people who are catching up (so proud of you guys!!) is providing me inspiration to not miss a day!!

Happy Burpee-ing!!


  1. Great photos!! I love it! I am so happy we have this blog and I can read others stories. I feel like I would have missed a day because of my cold, but I too know that catch-up will be a bad place for me to be in. I am SO amazed at you guys making them up!!

  2. I agree, great photos! And Rachel, I, too, burpeed through a cold today. Sets of 6, 4, 6, 7 and 3. The idea of catch-up is way too daunting to me. Frank, Annie, Hedwig, etc, if you make up all those burpees, you will be my heros.