Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day Three from California

Many things to update today! First, there are five people as authors of this blog so hopefully every day we will have at least one post on this blog.

Second I did my SIX Burpees today as yesterday I was still really weak from food poisoning. It was actually good doing that many as it allowed me to work on my form. I realized that the amount of push-ups is going to get challenging quickly. I also realized that it is not to bad to have missed a few days now, but what if I am vomiting on day 50 and 51? Then I'd have have to do 153 on day 52, which even in sets would be insane!

Last, most people following this challenge are in New York and specifically New York Rugby. I'll be interested in how other long distance people find motivation as this gets going.


  1. Hello all. I burpee-ed early. I learned to nix hardwood floors ( in socks) and yoga mats ( too sticky). Success on the carpet! Thanks to all for the jumpstart!

  2. well Fatty since you asked for non-NY (although still NY rugby), i have done my burpees here in LA!! next time i see you we can do them together.