Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ADD the fun places to our Blog!

Okay all! Today is busy for posting!! I have done my best to figure out a way that people can add the places they have Burpeed. Right now it is a several step process.

First enter the fun or unusual places you have done burpees into the form on the sidebar. They will be entered into a Google Doc (so far I entered the Subway and Big Sur). To see the list that people have entered click the link above that says 'click here for the list'. That will bring you directly to the Google Doc.

I know people posted other great places, but I didn't have time to add them.

I am going to try to find a better gadget that will show the list directly in the blog, but at least we can get started. If anyone knows a better way or has an idea of how to improve it please comment here or email me at u19rugby@gmail.com


  1. What do people think about also adding a category about the different States that we do burpees in? It would be interesting to see how many States we could get by the end of the 100 days!

  2. Even with injury, I'll bust out a few in North Carolina today/tomorrow for the cause! Too bad I head to Alaska after the challenge is over!! Parks, are you doing your burpees?

  3. Go Frankie go! I love the idea. We've got about 5 states without anyone leaving their bedrooms right now!