Friday, January 9, 2009

Day Nine from California

I got this in my Inbox from a friend and while it made me laugh - there is also a clear dilemma here!

"I thought your burpee thing looked like a good idea and was doing pretty good until today. I already pulled a pectoral muscle from lifting weights, so I couldn't do the push up part of the burpees. then I forgot on 2 of the past 4 days, and general frustration and impatience set in. so I ended up saying screw it today and went ahead and just rattled off the full 100 (sans push ups of course, but jumping as high as I could at the end to sorta make up for it...) now I don't know where to go from here!!! I can't keep up 100 almost burpees for the next 90 days!!!

so, things I learned about myself from the 100 burpee challenge: gusto and commitment to working out? check. got that. smarts? not so much..."

What do you all think??
  • Go back to just doing the normal amount?
  • Do 100 a day?
  • Call it done?

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