Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 5: Have you Burpeed today?

Several things have occurred to is that knocking out five Burpees takes no time at all, but when it gets to be's going to take a lot more time...and thinking about scheduling those in...sort of bewilders me.

Another, is that I am simultaneously thrusting back my legs and lowering into my pushup - and while it's fast (or maybe it's fast because I am short like a lifesize gnome) I feel I'm cheating and not getting the full purpose of the exercise.

Lastly, I feel that Burpee should not only be a noun, but also a verb. In light of this, I have added it, in it's past tense, to the Urban Dictionary.

Of course, if one has time to do something like this, perhaps I shouldn't be so worried about how I'll finish my Burpees on day 70.


  1. Katie - you are not cheating by any means. If you have the ability and coordination to do that, go for it.

    You will probably notice, though, as the days go by and the numbers get larger, fatigue will play a part making that single motion a bit harder.

    Here is a clip from the Crossfit Games this past year. You will notice they jump down into the push up position in one motion, but as their workout progresses, many slow down into a more segregated squat down, thrust legs back, push up, etc... due to fatigue.

  2. Those girls aren't doing anywhere near a controlled pushup...they're slamming their bodies into the ground like up-downs!!! I'm all over that.

  3. Even if you slam into the ground, you do have to commit to the "up" though - a strong push up from being down on the ground, bringing your legs in at the same time, and the jump up.

    Happy burpeeing!

  4. crowded is your BX-BK subway ride? The N doesn't have to be the only burpee train!

    Or there's always all that open space in the middle of the new office...and you'd have lots of burpee cheerleaders...

  5. FYI - the link to Urban Dictionary above is live - it takes you here

  6. Nice way to bring the challenge to the public Katie. Also thanks for pointing out that this blog exists in Pacific Standard Time with me - which is why the times you post won't match...