Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 16 from my Inbox

I will be out of Internet range until Tuesday so hopefully others will keep posting (hint, hint).

An update the friend that did 100 in one day is now doing 50 every other day in sets of 10 with planks in between at least until his chest heals and he can resume push-ups.

I wanted to share another inspirational story that came into my Inbox from a lovely friend who is getting it done:

"So I wanted share a little story about how your Burpee Blog inspired me to get back on the bandwagon. I, like so many others, started out the new year with the best intentions of Burpee-ing my way to other resolutions were pretty standard: eating better, sleeping more, and saving money. However, I was fairly certain that those wouldn't stick and I'd still be loving pizza, sleep deprived and broke by 2010, so I was really hoping that the Burpee Challenge would be the 1 quantifiable resolution I could stick to. For the first 7 days of 2009, I was a Burpee Rockstar, feeling great about doing Burpee's after weeks of holiday eating and inertia. Then I went back to work...and the Burpees stopped. Each day I kept thinking it's not too late to catch up but I either kept forgetting or conveniently forgetting when I was too tired. Then yesterday I read your blog and felt inspired by everyone who was still doing their Burpees. Rather than easing myself back into it or just picking up with day 14, as I entered the gym this morning I irrationally decided to crank out 77 Burpees in one workout! I did Burpees for warm ups, I did Burpees before changing cardio equipment, I did Burpees between lifting sets and finally I did Burpees for cool down: 77 Burpees! By the end it they weren't pretty but I got them done. I really wish I kept my other resolution of stretching after workouts because I think I'm going to have to convince a co-worker to wheel me to the subway on a hand truck because I can't walk...but it feels great to be caught up! So let this be a cautionary tale: Don't fall behind on your Burpees but if you do catch up as soon as possible. Oh, and day 77 is a bitch!"

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  1. YES!!!!! The power of the blog to keep us all going! Thanks for sharing an inspirational tale. Imagine how good your friend will feel tomorrow when she only has to do 17.