Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The more the merrier, I always say.

I took Rachel up on her offer of blogging here and she was gracious enough to let me. I think that the group support thing will help immensely as this thing wears forward.

I started just a day after all of you. Here is my 100 burpee challenge blog. I call it the world's second dullest blog (here is the first) since I just write a small note every day about my burpees.

I also blog, here, here, and this is my homebase. I think I might blog at one or two other places, but can't remember. So I am representing Wisco in this thing, and plan on doing some farm burpees when things start to thaw out a bit, later in the spring.

I already did a burpee in a giant waterpark called the Kalahari. My wife was super not impressed by the scene I made in the kiddy pool doing that burpee. But oh well. Speaking of the wife, she joined me in this quest and is doing wonderfully.

I am not a rugger like you folks (I think that is what brings you together, yes?) but I do distance running, strength training (like crossfit), distance cycling and Muay Thai kickboxing. Oh yea, I am a dad of two and own my own business.

So what I am trying to say is that I have a MILLION reasons not to do the burpees, but only one to do them - my health. And the satisfaction of knowing I conquered the challenge. So hello to all of you - I look forward to contributing here and giving you folks support if/when you need it.

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