Thursday, January 29, 2009

day 29 prepping for day 30

For some reason Day 30 had been set as a mile marker - several people had planned on only doing the challenge until Day 30, etc....

So tomorrow's post is going to be a tally of people still participating in the challenge. It doesn't matter whether you are behind, doing a modified challenge etc we want you to comment on tomorrows post. Could just be a Hello from Ohio! Or if you want to include your modification of the challenge...whatever.

If you know a friend or family member won't be able to log in then put a +1 or +2 in your comment.

We just want to get a COUNT of all the people Burpeeing around the world in connection with this challenge.

A message will be sent to the facebook group to remind you - to comment HERE!!

Ok that is your warning. Check back tomorrow and make sure you COMMENT. ALL of you!!

This is going to be HUGE!

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