Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ode to Sibling Rivalry

Pained at 6, gasping at 15, persevering to a continuous 21.
A determination almost forgotten,
Filled with awareness my closest blood is already done.

Both "bless-ed" with short limbs, and "cheating" physics;
You disobeying friction with socks and wood,
I relying on equal and opposite force of floor to chest.

Each day - Have you done yours? Yes. In a row? Yes.
O Brother, how long (for mother's love) shall we do this?


  1. Bliz, that was beautiful.
    Keep fighting the good fight!
    Remember: it's just one more.

  2. Good Work!
    Here is a hiaku
    Sweaty, Gross, Nasty
    My love life is over
    Burpie, Burpie, Burp

  3. Alas
    Be not near over
    "Come on" seems not enough
    Ending would be easier
    Free time - what time?
    Goal, mine seems internally weak
    Help me
    I can do this
    Just wonder why to bother
    Knuckle down
    Labor is love
    Muscles will build
    Now - do them now!
    Oh but it's not easy
    Question not
    Rouse your friends, your fire
    Squat, step back
    Thrust, push
    Very soon - simple?
    Xena Diana Goddess Amazon
    You, you all, you together
    Zizz - to sparkle

  4. Big Diesel-you are too funny. I love the haiku!
    Hobs-you are the most inspirational writer on this blog.
    Everyone else-i love your posts too. keep up the good work. (do you think that anyone besides the contributors read this blog?)

  5. I've been wondering if anyone else read it too. I threw a free public tracker on the bottom of the blog so we can check