Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 20 from California

Looks like we lost Day 19 on this blog - though the daily blogging challenge is still going!!
Because of this I want to remind anyone that if they would like to be a contributor to the blog send me an email at u19rugby@gmail.com and I will add you as an author. Everyone is welcome! Also a reminder that if you don't want to be an author please feel free to leave stories in the comments section!

Today was really hard for me as I have a chest cold. I cranked out my 20 and logged on to see if anyone else had something to say to make me feel better. Thanks Hobs - your post was exactly what I needed.
In reading it I also realized how much I must talk to people about doing burpees. Pretty much every day someone out here in my lab or classes asks me how my burpees are going, which in retrospect makes this challenge feel pretty exciting.

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