Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11 from California

Even though we have many contributors to this blog it seems everyone failed to blog day 10 and day 11. So since I am on Pacific time I'll close the weekend out. I finally got to have a buddy for burpees and get to add to places to burpee. Yesterday I met Rif for a lovely hike in Orange County (8 miles round trip). She had two days of burpees to do and completed them on the hiking trail (beautiful back drop). I had already done mine for the day as I am on the wake up- put on my contacts and a sports bra and burpee plan, however I was able to get some feedback on my form. I am still having issues with my low back collapsing and need to tighten my abs during the push up phase.

Hope the double digits went okay for everyone else!

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