Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 27: Caught up from being down 87

It wasn't a number that Frankie is wrestling with, but it weighed on me all the same. AT some point I was down 124 burpees. Today, I only had to do 87 to start back at 28 tomorrow. I was sidelined by a lower back injury for 4 days and was feeling a bit tentative about getting back into the swing of things. Ways I got back into the game:
1. Did make-up burpees with fellow burpee-ites when I saw them. Just sets of 10 here and there.
2. Kept track.
3. Allowed myself to step back and step up into and from the extended pushup position in order to make them up. So, the focus was on just doing what I could, instead of using my injury as a reason to stop doing them. I'm back to jumping form now.
4. Talked about it positively the whole time: I WILL come back.
5. Broke it down into sets of 10
6. Embraced the fact that this challenge is going to require more of me than just doing the burpees. For example, I'm also going to have to stretch :).

Feels like a good victory for the day to be back!!!!



  1. congrats heddy! i can't wait for the day i can post about being caught up! it's not far off, and i know that because of the amazing support this group offers - both in the stories posted online and the personal support that i am lucky to have living in BK.

  2. nice work! i am so impressed with you guys and the amounts of burpees you are doing!!

  3. congrats! and i think you're right--there is definitely more stretching required as the numbers rise.

    and frankie, i can't wait to read that post!

  4. Good work dear! If you need a partner, hit a brother up.

  5. thanks for posting that hedwig. i missed days 26 & 27 and the quandary of not knowing whether i could pick up at day 28 without making those up and still be legit for the challenge plus the overwhelming-ness of the thought of making them up was paralyzing me into almost dropping out...until i came to the blogspot hoping for inspiration. where i saw your post and after reading it (and how you broke them up into 10s sometimes), i promptly stood up and did my burpees for days 28 and 27 (in sets of 15 + 13 + 15 + 12). only 26 left to go, which i will do tonight just as soon as i can breathe again!